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We are North Port's Finest Tackle Shop- offering live and frozen bait, fishing tackle, and tackle repair. Ray Moss, former Charter Captain, is ready to answer any questions you have about fishing in the North Port, or surrounding areas.

We have live shrimp, live  tarpon crabs, and pinfish as available. We currently carry freshwater shiners,Missouri Minnows, Red Wiggler Worms and Canadian NightCrawlers, for freshwater fishing. We have a wide array of frozen baits, as well as crank, spinning and rubber baits.

We've also put in a few fly fishing items. If you're looking for something special, let us know,and we'll order it for you if we can.


Nickie's firs tsnk Ray has been restoring tackle for over 50 years- and knows how important doing it right can be. We offer affordable prices on rod repair.

In addition, we feature great values on gently used reels, for those looking for something new to them at a great price.

Come on in and see how fine the fishing is here in North Port!